St. Silouan the Athonite Mission Parish

"Prayer, people think, is about words, but prayer is entering the silence of one word unceasingly spoken in our hearts - love."
Fr Roberto Ubertino


WELCOME to St. Silouan the Athonite, a mission parish of the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. Established in 2002 by our God-loving Metropolitan, Nicholas of Amissos, we are "one body and one spirit in Christ" with St. John the Compassionate Mission.

St. Silouan is a geographical mission parish. While members come from as far as Kitchener and France, many live in South Riverdale. With St. John’s Mission we believe it is very important to pray for and be involved in our neighbourhood.

We are open from Wednesday to Sunday for worship. Through out the week people can come for confession, religious classes, use our library or have a cup of coffee.

Our community, reflecting the contemporary reality of Canada is made up of people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Some of us can barely read and write and others have PhDs. A privileged place is given to the socially excluded and handicapped. We worship, serve and love mostly in ENGLISH (more the street version than Elizabethan) and some of us would like to learn the Ojibwa!

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April 2014

16 Holy & Great Wednesday

Hours & 11:30am Gospel Reading

7pm Mysterion of oil


17 Holy & Great Thursday

7am Orthros

6pm Vesperal Liturgy of St Basil followed by Bread & Soup

8:30pm 12 Gospels


18 Holy & Great Friday

Noon Royal Hours - children decorate Ephitaphio

3pm Great Vespers

7pm Burial of Christ Service, Silent Vigil by the Tomb -children to throw flowers during procession


19 Holy & Great Saturday

4pm Vesperal Liturgy of St Basil

10pm Acts of Apostles

11:30pm Removal of Epitaphon

12:01am Orthros & Paschal Liturgy & Trapezia Meal



4pm Vespers of Love & Agape Meal with Mission


21 Bright Monday

9:30am Divine Liturgy

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